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Jesse J. Prinz

City University of New York, Graduate Center

Distinguished Professor,
Philosophy Pogram
Director, Committee for Interdisciplianry Science Studies
Director, CUNY Philosophy Lab


Previous affiliations: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Washington University in St. Louis
Visiting positions: Humboldt-Universitšt zu Berlin (School of Mind and Brain), Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences (Stanford), Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris), The University of London, California Institute of Technology, University of Maryland at College Park

Research Statement
I work primarily in the philosophy of psychology, with an emphasis on the role on perception, emotion, and socialization of various aspects of thought and behavior.

Current Research Topics
At present, my major research projects are focused on three topics: the relationship between morality and the self; an empirically-informed defense of social constructionism; and the nature of art.

Research Areas
Below is a list of some of my my research interests with sample papers.  Other papers can be found on ResearchGate and Academia (linked below).  For a more complete list, consult CV.

Sample papers:
"The Return of Concept Empiricism"

"Regaining Composure: A Defense of Prototype Compositionality"

Sample papers:
"Embodied Emotions"
"Which Emotions Are Basic?"

Sample papers:
"A Neurofunctional Theory of Consciousness"
"Mental Pointing: Phenomenal Knowledge Without Concepts"
"Is Consciousness Embodied?"
"When is Perception Conscious?"

Moral Psychology
Sample papers:
"The Emotional Basis of Moral Judgment"
"Can Moral Obligations Be Discovered Empirically?"
"The Normativity Challenge: Why Traits Won't Save Virtue Ethics"
"Is Empathy Necessary for Morality?"
"Against Empathy"

Sample papers:
"Against Moral Nativism"
"Is Morality Innate?"
"Resisting the Linguistic Analogy (A Reply to Hauser, Cushman, and Young)"

Sample papers:
"The Role of Emotion in Aesthetic Judgment"
"Emotion and Aesthetic Value"
"When is Film Art?"

Other Topics
Vagueness: "Vagueness, Language, and Ontology"
Modularity: "Is the Mind Really Modular?"
Perception: "Beyond Appearances: The Content of Sensation and Perception"

External Sites with Papers

Authored Books

The Moral Self. New York: Oxford University Press (in production).

Works of Wonder:  A Theory of Art. Oxford: Oxford University Press (in production).

The Conscious Brain. New York: Oxford University Press (in press).

Beyond Human Nature. London: Penguin  / New York: Norton (2012). (More info here.)

The Emotional Construction of Morals
. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2007).

Gut Reactions: A Perceptual Theory of Emotion. New York: Oxford University Press (2004).

Furnishing the Mind: Concepts and Their Perceptual Basis. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (2002).

Furnishing the Mind, cover    Gut
            Reactions, cover    Emotional Construction of Morals, cover

Beyond Human Nature    The Conscious

Edited Books

The Handbook of Philosophy of Psychology. Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

Mind and Cognition, 3rd Edition (with William Lycan).  Oxford: Blackwell (2008)

Philosophy of Mind section in S. Cahn (ed.) Philosophy for the 21st Century. New York: Oxford University Press (2002).

Mind & Cognition,

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