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Duchamp & Me
Me and Duchamp's "Large Glass" in Philadelphia

Mona & Me
Me and a giant Duchamp L.H.O.O.Q. in D.C.

Me & The Stoppages
Me and Duchamp's Network of Stoppages

Me & Mueck Head
Me and Ron Mueck's "Mask"

Me & Hirst carcass
Me and Damien Hirst carcass

Me & Ernst
Me and Ernst on moral education

Books & Me
Me, books, and heads

Me & Nietzsche
Me under Nietzsche, a la Munch

Me & Descartes
Me under Descartes in the metro

Descartes & Me
Me at  Descartes' grave in Paris

Voltaire and Me
Me at Voltaire's grave in Paris

Rousseau and Me
Me at Rousseau's plastic-covered grave in Paris

Me under Bergson
Me under Bergson tribute in Paris

Me with Rousseau in Paris (photo by Tim Bayne)

Me with Laplace in Beaumont en Auge, Normandy

Me with Francis Galton in Cambrdge

Me with Francis Bacon, Trinity Chapel, Cambridge

Me with Bernard Williams, King's College, Cambridge

Me under John Locke, London

Me at Hume's grave, Edinburgh

Jesse with Montaigne
Me with Montaigne in Bordeaux

Hume & Me
Me and Hume in Edinburgh

Me with Socrates in Rome

Me with Macchiavelli in Florence

Borges and Me
Me with Borges in Buenos Aires

Lorca and Me
Me with Lorca in Madrid

Saturno and Me
Me and Goya's Saturno

School of Athens
Me with Raphael's School of Athens in Rome

Rodin & Me
Me with The Thinker on my shoulder

Warhol & Me
Me, Marilyn, and Warhol

Lichtenstein and Me
Me with Crying Girl

Blue Hair Anime
Me with one of my people in Tokyo

Coquerel's sifaka
Me with a Coquerel's sifaka at the Duke Primate Center

Rats and Me
Me with stuffed rats in Paris

Me with my favorite rodent (Sciurus carolinensis)

Kangaroo and Me
Me with a kangaroo in Canberra

Elephants and Me
Me with elephants in Tokyo

Tutmosis III
Me looking at the Tutmosis III's posterior (photo by Brian Keeley)
Alhambra and Me
Me at the Alhambra clocktower in Granada

Moon and Me
Me with Moon Pyramid at Teotihuacan in Mexico

King's Chapel and Me
Me on King's Chapel in Cambridge

Me in Canyonlands National Park, Utah


Boxing match
Transcendental Unity takes on The Bundle

Chinese Room
Searle's Room

Humean Analysis
Hume's Room (designed for Keith DeRose)

Mary's Room
Jackson's Room

Trolley 1

Trolley 2

Trolley Problems